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Multi-function Copiers 

Paper Size up to 11 x 17

Power Versatility and Seamless Integration

Keeping up with the pace of your business can be challenging, which is why the Copystar multifunction printers were designed to keep you a step ahead. From brilliant, vivid color and 1200 dpi image quality to fast and efficient black and white prints and copies, these systems put you in a position to succeed all day long. Stay connected to the people, apps, and tools you rely on to put knowledge to work for your business. Explore what these systems deliver, from the 10.1” Touch Screen Display to vibrant color output, expanded finishing options, and enhanced security capabilities. Build just the right solution for the daily demands of your office. With reliable performance and reduced maintenance needs, your team can stay focused on the task at hand knowing their CS system is always ready to deliver the results they are counting on.


Copiers up to 11 x 17
Copiers up to 11 x 17
Copiers up to 11 x 17
Copiers up to 11 x 17
Copiers up to 11 x 17

Top Sellers 

Color Copier

CS 2553ci

This economical powerhouse is ready to support your business and team. The 25-ppm machine can get your business moving with 1200 x 1200 dpi and paper trays that support pages up to 11 x 17 you will have everything you need from basic office tasks to design and draft specs in full detailed color. This impressive copier will comes built with all the power and applications you need, whether working remotely or having a full team in the office each day. The 10.1-inch color display makes operating this Multi-function copier a breeze, add in HyPas technology with highly reliable apps that connect this machine to all of your scan destinations with ease.

CS 4003i

The 4003i is our leading monochrome copier. This Black and White multi-function system allows your busy office to work efficiently with crisp elegant text and an exceptional array of scanning, input features. The optional finishing system that includes Stapling, Booklet folding, and Hole Punching means this machine can help keep your efficiency at peak levels. This copier comes standard with industry-leading security features and HyPas technology.
Monochrome Multifunction Printer Copier
Copiers up to 11 x 17

CS 3253ci

This copier is by far the most popular machine we offer. This multi-function printer can handle most offices’ printing and scanning needs with ease. Lost of built-in functions, like job accounting, private print, and compressed pdf scanning make this a versatile machine and essential part of your office data network. Scanning is leading the way for most offices these days and with the 3252ci’s high-speed scanner built-in you can meet those demands. Capable of capturing up to 220 impressions per minute you can efficiently input all your documents onto your date network. If you add in the Microsoft connector, or Google connector apps and now you can scan directly to the correct folder and the optional keyboard means you can name the file right at the copier.